Sunday, June 20, 2010

What Fresh Hell is This? 4.2 Million Gallons of Oil Per Day Possible in Gulf, says BP

BP is not only bleeding oil but also gushing damning documents about its carelessness in the DeepwaterHorizon oil spill case. To me, it feels as though each day we see some new hint of madness.
A BP estimate made before the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon noted that as much as 100,000 barrels per day could leak into the ocean if the blowout preventer and wellhead were removed, a higher worst-case scenario than previously reported.
That's 4.2 million gallons of oil per day under a worst-case scenario, CNN reports.

Congressman Edward Markey of Mass., chairman of the Energy and Environment Subcommittee in the House Energy and Commerce Committee, released the documents, and said, per CNN:
"This document raises very troubling questions about what BP knew and when they knew it. It is clear that, from the beginning, BP has not been straightforward with the government or the American people about the true size of this spill ..."
It's not the first time Markey's called BP a liar. He called the oil giant out in May on Face the Nation.

With this kind of news surfacing and Republican Joe Barton recently apologizing to BP and then taking that apology back, the gloves are off and bipartisanship is out, according to the Huffington Post's report about White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel appearing on This Week at ABC:
... Emanuel says the GOP philosophy is to paint BP as the victim, pointing to Rep. Joe Barton's apology to BP for what the congressman called a White House "shakedown."

"That's not a political gaffe, those are prepared remarks. That is a philosophy. That is an approach to what they see. They see the aggrieved party here as BP, not the fishermen ..."
At BlogHer, I commented that Barton didn't get the memo from Republican leaders that they don't want to play the oil spill crisis this way in the open.

Also, on June 16 under "Obama Wheel of Fortune," I wrote: "It's becoming clearer each day that it's not health care nor the economy, stupid, it's the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that will shape this president's future. Both Republicans and Democrats will make this oil spill a crucible of 2012 and November 2010." (Also see Republicans gloat over oil spill.)

In addition, Emanuel talked at length about the White House taking charge of the oil spill and holding BP accountable.

What About Getting Off the Oil Pipe?

In a blog post at Huffington Post, Robert Greenwald links to this video with petition at Facebook asking us to stop the bribing of our politicians by the oil industry. He's saying in his post, Clean, Baby, Clean, that it's time to get serious about switching to clean energy. The video is from Power Without Petroleum.

Right along through here, Van Jones crosses my mind often. He was the green jobs guy run from his position as a White House advisor via the McCarthy-like tactics of Glenn Beck.

I've probably said enough for the time being about how MSM is ignoring La. Governor Bobby Jindal's oil industry history; however, there's no evidence Jindal's received gobs of money directly from the industry for anything. He's just another Louisiana politician who's said we can balance environmental risks with drilling for oil.

The media has chosen instead to discuss President Barack Obama's acceptance of $71,051 from BP employees during his presidential campaign, a figure that is less than .0001 percent of the nearly $750 million in campaign contributions he raised.

CNN also reports in an intro to its story about new BP documentation that an all-star telethon for Gulf aid has been planned by Larry King. Read more here. They'd better leave Kanye West out of this one. However, "BP don't like brown pelicans" could make a good T-shirt.

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Nordette, The writing is on the wall that this thing is going to get much, much worse. It's hard to even talk about.

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