Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bobby Jindal Signs Bring Your Gun to Church Bill

Bobby Jindal does his imitation of Moses
at an oil clean-up photo op. Photo by
Spencer Platt of Getty Images
I've been posting a little less as I try to concentrate on literature and how to be still/silent, but I must stop and tell you, friends, that our governor, Bobby Jindal, believes you will get closer to the Lord if you take your gun to church. Well, guns have indeed sent a lot of people to heaven or hell, that's for sure, and so maybe pistols, revolvers, and AK47s (if you wear a long black Columbine High trench coat) should be welcomed in church.

Your pastor will send out a newsletter letting the congregation know you and others will be packing after he notifies you that you are on his special security force, which will be after you pass a criminal background check and get licensed to carry a concealed weapon. After that you may proceed to the altar and pray to the Big Gun in the Sky. And just think, if the gun accidentally goes off and shoots you in your femoral artery, while you may die quickly, you'll be exactly where you need to be so people can pray for your soul.

You need guns in church, according to Rep. Henry Burns, R-Haughton who introduced the bill, because ...
Burns contended that religious institutions in crime-ridden or "declining neighborhoods" need the added protection to ward off thieves and muggers.
What? No metal detectors? Oh, I forgot, people are afraid to be scanned too.

Wait! Where in the hell is Haughton, Louisiana?

Haughton is a town in northern Louisiana, 23 minutes east of Shreveport. In 2000 its population was nearing 3,000, but the metropolitan area around it, which includes Bossier City, population nearing 60,000 in 2000, may have grown considerably since Hurricane Katrina evacuees moved in.

Maybe they've had a rash of church shootings up there in Bossier. I haven't heard about any. However, I did hear they had some guys driving around shooting up storage units and trucks last month.

Honestly, I'm so wrapped up in daily New Orleans crime, which sometimes includes six or seven people shot in one day, I don't pay attention to Bossier City. But we should pray for those people up there. They've decided they have more faith in having guns in church than God in church and their representative, with Bobby Jindal's support, has imposed that state of faithlessness on all of Louisiana.

Read more at, site of our daily newspaper, the Times Picayune: "Gov. Bobby Jindal signs bills allowing guns in church, changing sex-solicitation penalty."

I chalk the willingness of Jindal to sign House Bill 1272 not up to concern about crime but his kowtowing to more of the growing paranoia in the nation that may be related to people losing their minds over Obama the Black Man taking office. The current rage to make it seem like we all need guns seems to have increased with Obama taking the presidential oath.

People are not fighting the fear; they're wallowing in it.

While not referring to Jindal signing the guns in church law, anti-gun activist Josh Horowitz writes about relatively recent Supreme Court decisions and the Second Amendment, saying:
Regrettably, since the Heller decision, many gun rights commentators have used Scalia's construct to link the need for unfettered access to firearms with a right to engage in political violence against an administration that has been described as "a secular socialist machine [that] represents as great a threat to America as Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union once did." The past two years have seen several disturbing acts of politically-motivated violence and a dramatic increase in the number of threats against the president and Members of Congress. Equally troubling, gun rights activists have begun to openly carry firearms to political events and presidential speeches in a threatening manner.
He also talks about McDonald v. City of Chicago case and the SCOTUS extending Second Amendment protection to states. (Clarence Thomas really showed off for that one.)

I'm taking all this gun news in with a post at the Intersection of Madness and Reality by Eco.Soul.Intellectual who laments how much the current political climate resembles the post-reconstruction era. It's amazing how easily some white conservatives flipped into paranoia with the election of Barack Obama. And when you consider the number of conservative white Christians who believe Obama is the Anti-Christ, then you have a very neat package, a market for fear that Obama will send people to round-up the Christians in churches.

I'll say it one more time that their reactions are following a path similar to control freaks losing power over women who they've intimidated with verbal abuse and threats of domestic violence. When they think they're losing power, they escalate maligning those they hope to control, use their accusations to justify further beatings, and often claim they are the victim.

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msladyDeborah said...

We'be got a law on the books that allows us to conceal and carry with a permit. There isn't one church in this city that doesn't have the No Guns sign at the front door.

My great uncle was a gun slinger of sorts. My grandfather was a Baptist minister.
My uncle would keep his shootin' irons out in the trunk of his car-most of the time.

During a rather heated meeting one evening, the former pastor of the church was furious over the vote to oust him. He boldly declared,that he wasn't leaving unless they carried his dead body out of the church. My uncle stood up and pulled his pistols and smiled. "That can be arranged right now." was his response. The former pastor left off the pulpit and headed out the door. So, I guess that carrying guns help to keep order of some sort. In this case it did help remove a thief.

However, there are church congregations who probably wished that they had metal detectors at their doors. It would of saved them the horror of seeing shots fired in their sanctuary.

This ranks up there with the statement, "As long as we have guns Lord, we have peace." This is a line from a prayer off of the lips of Jimmy Swaggert.