Monday, July 12, 2010

BP Oilpocalypse Hysteria: Will the Gulf Explode in the Next Six Months? Are These the Last Days of Humans in Louisiana?

I am trying to ignore all the doomsday scenarios arising as people project their fears onto the BP Deepwater Horizon leak in the Gulf of Mexico. I prefer to keep a positive mindset, as reflected in one of my poems about the disaster. However, I do read about the fear such as those Gena Haskett explored in her post about doomers and the BP oil spill. Last night, I saw the following in my mail, a piece at
The bottom line: BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling operation may have triggered an irreversible, cascading geological Apocalypse that will culminate with the first mass extinction of life on Earth in many millions of years.
The writer has sources (you'll have to decide for yourself how credible they are), but seriously! What the hell does this guy expect anyone to do with this information?

The piece ends telling us that "Most experts in the know, however, agree that if the world-changing event does occur it will happen suddenly and within the next 6 months."

Uh-huh. If many experts are saying this, then why is it not more widely known? At this point, after waiting to find out each summer whether we'll have to evacuate for hurricanes and return to find homes underwater, any so-called news of our imminent destruction is par for the course.


Average Jane said...

Apocalyptic thinking just isn't helpful, and I say this as someone with a husband who is always spinning out doomsday scenarios about every single thing that goes wrong in the world.

Hope for the best, that's my motto.

msladyDeborah said...

I think that this type of thinking is a form of coping with disasters and allowing the individuals to share their concerns and fears with others. There is some scientific validity in the possibility due to the chemicals in the water that have the potential to create a different type of disaster.

Now do I believe it is inevitable? I cannot honestly say that I am not totally convinced that it won't happen. But I'm not fearful of the possibility. Mother Earth has been in a pattern that really warrants being considered. The forces of nature are not controllable period. The blunders of men are more dangerous because they are motivated by human nature at its lowest point of thought.

I enjoy reading or listening to a good theory. I find it fascinating to follow the line of thought and logic that supports it. Everybody has this tendency and that's not a bad thing. I really think that it helps us all to cope with a lot of things.

Optimism is my prefrence in terms of thought. No one honestly knows what will happen from day to day in terms of the earth and its potential to respond.

Floyd Hunter said...

I seriously doubt that the Gulf will explode. I do believe however that this should be a wake-up call to all of us that we need to be looking at alternative energy sources now.

Vérité Parlant said...

Deborah, I try not to ever say it won't happen. I've seen too many disaster movies and scifi films where the person who says "Never!" is the first person to be blown up or eaten by the monster. LOL. Did you read my post at, "The Cylons Cometh"? The people at Singularity University think no matter how you dice it, the world as we know it will change dramatically in the next 20 years.

Yes, Floyd. I keep saying this. We should get a grip and address the need for alternative energy. I feel like some people want to wait until all the oil has been drilled and used before they do so. The people here in my state, Louisiana, are in total denial that the Age of Oil is ending because the oil industry puts food on many tables here.

Avg. Jane. Yes. There's a fine line between apocalyptic thinking and being practical. The only people who are going to act on this kind of 6 mos notice news are those who really believe it, and to act on it would mean to make a drastic change. The irony is that in a real apocalypse, the likelihood of escape is slim.

Anil Rajanala said...

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