Saturday, July 31, 2010

Charles Fuller's Latest: What Will You Learn from a Children's Book?

Contributions from Charles H. Fuller to America’s literary heritage have been rich, theatrical plays based in historical fact that feature adults struggling with racial injustice and each other. So, it’s unsurprising that his much-awaited new release also draws from American history. That, however, is where the similarity with the playwright's older works thins.

Fuller's latest offering, Snatch: The Adventures of David and Me, is neither a play nor is its focus adult characters. It’s an adventure novel about two free black boys in 1838, young brothers who help a runaway slave in New York’s Five Points neighborhood.

He wrote this tale for his sons, who are now working men, Charles III and David Ira Fuller. With this novel, the playwright fullfills a promise he made 40 years ago to place his own boys in a story. ... Please continue reading at the African-American Books Examiner.

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