Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Republican Connects Dick Cheney's Deeds to BP Disaster

A Republican, Lawrence Wilkerson, connects former vice president Dick Cheney's active restructuring of government to favor deregulation of the oil industry and other commercial enterprises to our current disaster, the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig leak in the Gulf of Mexico. Wilkerson says we should expect more disasters made worse due to deregulation. This video references Shirley Anne Warshaw's book, The Co-Presidency of Bush and Cheney.

Wilkerson says he doesn't want to blame it all on Cheney because this deregulation mantra has been chanted by Republicans for years, stripping government of its capacity to do what it can and should do to protect the people.

I posted this because when I've explained to people, either in writing or in person, that the dysfunction of the MMS is more related to the Bush years than the Obama years, I suspect they think I'm only saying it because I'm black like Obama and not because it's a fact. So, here's a white guy saying it who self-identifies himself as Republican. Maybe they'll believe him.

And if they still need more proof, here's a 2008 Washington Post report about MMS employees doing drugs and taking kickbacks. Obama wasn't in office then. In the 2008 WaPo article about drugs, sex, and royalties in kind at the MMS, Shell is mentioned frequently, the same company showing off for the MMS in the 2005 report with Bobby Jindal's pro-drilling speech.

H/T to Robin Kemp.

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