Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tonight's Hubba Hubba Goes to Isaiah Mustafa: The Man My Man Could Smell Like

Finally, I decided I just had to post the latest Old Spice commercial here at my own blog in case the BlogHer.com site where I found it goes down for maintenance or something. I want to be able to watch it whenever I please, but the comments section at BlogHer about it and the actor, Isaiah Mustafa, is nearly as funny as the "manmercial" itself. This new production features him with no need of improvement on a motorcycle, not a horse.

And since I posted the first Old Spice manmercial featuring Isaiah here and then Maria Niles went all gooey and posted it at BlogHer earlier this year, I think I deserve to have my very own Isaiah second manmercial right here at WSATA. where I have easy access.

Isaiah signed a talent deal with NBC last month. Awww sookie, sookie now! in the old "Groove Me" sense, not the True Blood Snoop Dog way. I'll be looking for him there.

Tonight I was wiped out, watched him for a few minutes, started laughing, and felt better. I needed that. After all, he's the man my man should smell like. Plus I really miss seeing Isaiah up top on BlogHer's front page, shirtless, but I suppose they had to take him down. Too distracting. His girlfriend better boot him with a tracking device.

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msladyDeborah said...

I am not crazy about the scent of Old Spice-but there is no doubt that the man is definitely giving the brand a whole new sense of sex appeal!