Friday, August 13, 2010

Ellen DeGeneres Does Hip Hop With Twitch on SYTYCD

Ellen DeGeneres danced a Napoleon and Tabitha Hip Hop routine on the So You Think You Can Dance finale Thursday night with Twitch. It was the one previously performed by Twitch with Alex Wong to "Outta Your Mind" by Lil Jon. Seriously, Ellen stole the show. Here's the video. I laughed my behind off because the big build up was a special "dancing superstar" would join Twitch on stage.

Lauren Froderman, 18, the only girl left in the competition, won the title of America's Favorite Dancer, 2010.

And below is Janelle Monae's "Tight Rope" performance from last week's results show in which AdéChiké was voted off. Some of you only know this as the song from the Target commercial with the little girls sliding in their socks.

I'm sure some viewers were surprised that Mia Michaels chose an AdéChiké performance as one of her favorites to be repeated during the finale, and I'm equally sure her selection was a calculated public relations choice after the fallout over her criticism of him earlier in the season. Mia chose his Hip Hop routine with Comfort, danced to Alicia Keys's "Fallin'."

For those who called Mia Michaels comments "racist" when AdéChiké performed Bollywood, I still disagree with you there. However, I will say that while he and Comfort danced this HipHop routine particularly well, I suspect that all the ooing and ahhing from the judges over the great "connection" the pair made is due as much to the couple's dancing as it is to the assumption of the judges that black people readily identify with lovers in violent relationships, perhaps some assumptions about AdéChiké & Comfort's backgrounds that were made based on race and not on the facts of their individual upbringings the same way some whites assume all black people know where to buy illegal drugs.

I said, "I supsect." There's a big difference between suspecting an opinion is influenced by paternalistic racism and saying that it is unequivocally so.


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