Monday, September 13, 2010

Did you know ABC's The Gates is filmed in Louisiana?

Vampires are overrunning Louisiana again. HBO's True Blood takes place in Louisiana with vamp bar Fangtasia located in Shreveport and the vamp queen living in New Orleans. And now I've learned that ABC's vampire show The Gates is filmed in Shreveport. The story's not set in Louisiana, however.

I say "vampire show," but like True Blood, The Gates includes other supernatural beings, such as werewolves and succubi.

Thanks to Anne Rice's vampire series that began with Interview With the Vampire in the 70s, people associate this town and our state with creatures of the night. For instance, Sting was inspired by Rice's vampire books to write the song "Moon Over Bourbon Street," and I suspect the popular association influenced the writers behind Dracula 2000 to set that campy horror movie partly in New Orleans as well.

Charlaine Harris considered Rice and the focus on New Orleans when she decided to set her Sookie Stackhouse in Bon Temps, La., a ficticious little town, a contrast to city glamor and mystique. The True Blood series is based on those books.

I realized The Gates was connected to Louisiana when I caught the end of the show's credits on DVR last night. At first I thought I was seeing things when the logo for Louisiana Entertainment appeared. I rewound and my eyes are fine.

Today I googled it all. The series is shot in the country club community of Southern Trace in Shreveport. Read more at Lousiana Entertainment, an office within the State of Louisiana’s Economic Development department.

Last night's True Blood finale was a doozy with Sookie leaving with the fairies, Tara, after cutting her hair, fleeing Bon Temps in an old Mercedes, and Bill being outed by Eric as a liar. So, things are getting hotter.

The Gates, according to its finale's preview, will close out its first season next Sunday with a supernatural war, vampires versus werewolves and other tropes. Of course, I'll watch it.

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le0pard13 said...

You know, I have to admit, I enjoyed watching Dracula 2000. Great info, Nordette. Thanks for this.