Friday, September 10, 2010

NFL Saints Parade, Concert Empties a Few UNO Classes

I nearly broke my neck to get to my 3:00 class at the University of New Orleans yesterday only to find out I was one of less than half of my classmates to attend. One person said the campus parking lots started emptying just after noon as Saints fans headed to the French Quarter to see the parade put on by the NFL and concert with Taylor Swift and the Dave Matthews Band to celebrate the first game of the season.

My dad, 89, nearly hates parades and thought another one before anybody had won anything is crazy, possibly even a jinx to the season. I said that the NFL probably held the parade after seeing the spectacle the city put on to welcome the Saints back from their Super Bowl victory in February. According to this WWL TV video about last night's festivities, I'm correct.

I had two classes last night and am a graduate student. Consequently, I can't afford to skip lectures and discourse in the name of football or our beloved Saints, unless, of course, it's another Super Bowl victory shindig, at which point life comes to a halt.

The class that was mostly absent is majority undergrads, and I hope they had a good time. When I was a young, undergrad student, I would have probably skipped too for that kind of party. The second class of the night was full, however. It's all grad students.

In case you missed the news, the Saints won. They beat the Minnesota Vikings 14-9, and the game was also deemed a ratings victory for NBC.

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