Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Garry Wills Calls Tea Party 'Racist': Watch Your Back, Man

Wills has also argued in the past that Obama is willing to buy a second term with the blood of young American soldiers.

Historian and Pulitzer-prize-winning author Garry Wills says to Stephen Colbert that "of course" the Tea Party is racist (video below). Wills better watch his back. Remember when the NAACP called the Tea Party racist? One of its media henchmen hell bent on teaching the NAACP a lesson posted an edited video to YouTube misrepresenting something a speaker said at an NAACP function, and the woman speaking, Shirley Sherrod, ended up being fired from her government job. The Tea Party and its supporters and candidates like to dish out inflammatory rhetoric but they can't take it when others dish it back.

Wills, whose new book is entitled Outside Looking In has some tough words for President Barack Obama as well. The Huffington Post reports that Wills, writing at the at New York Review of Books says Obama wants to be a two-term president and that's why he's willing to continue at least one of the wars started by George W. Bush. The implication is that Obama is willing to buy a second term with the blood of American soldiers. Now that's harsh.

Wills posted the NYR piece in November 2009. While its live link is showing the article page as an error, you can read the cached piece here. I don't know if the webmaster moved the piece and that's why the live link is broken or if Wills himself changed his mind about Obama.

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msladyDeborah said...

I happen to have some distinct opinions about the war effort. I learned during the Viet Nam War, that the belief that our troops will all just pack up and leave is a false notion. M.A.S.H. is the only war that ended with the soldiers just walking away. That doesn't happen in real life.

Anyone who believes that any POTUS is not bound to represent the interests of the capitalist needs to really re-think their ideas. This whole cycle of war has been so poorly managed that it is of no surprise that our troops are still engaged in combat.