Friday, April 29, 2011

NBC Host Confronts 'Donald Being Donald'

NBC talk-show host Lawrence O'Donnell is on point with his challenge to his own network to force Donald Trump to tell the American public now if he plans to run for president and stop postponing the announcement. O'Donnell makes an excellent case that Trump, by not officially filing for candidacy, is either lying about running for president and using this political flirtation as a publicity stunt, or he is dodging invocation of media laws that require television networks to give presidential candidates equal time.

By now we know that Donald believes that he is some kind of god, that he is "huge!" O'Donnell tells us how he got that way, laying our Trump afflictions at his bosses' feet. "NBC has created a monster," he says.

I thought the same thing, that NBC has created a monster and that the Donald is dodging media laws, when I saw a clip of Trump in a very awkward moment on an episode of his NBC show Celebrity Apprentice . He asked Celebrity Apprentice contestants if they would vote for him if he ran for president, and after they mumbled replies, he told them that they'd be stupid to disagree with his being an awesome candidate. Perhaps he will think the American public is equally stupid if it disagrees. Or is he laughing at American stupidity and all the way to the bank when he sees the polls rise in favor of his running?

O'Donnell makes another excellent point when he says that if Trump has already signed to renew Celebrity Apprentice, then he is not actually running for president and that the NBC executives know that. He also calls out Trump's racism regarding the suspicions Trump has expressed about Obama's qualifications to enter Ivy League schools and Trump's questioning whether Obama writes his own books. O'Donnell's right. That's racist rhetoric. With those kinds of appeals, Trump aligns himself with a very traditional form of racism, one that assumes black people are intellectually inferior to white people. (Hat tip to Field Negro for alerting me to this video.)

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msladyDeborah said...

I've said all along that Donald Trump is a true media whore, who will do anything to get attention.

While the American media may find his brand to be newsworthy, I find him to be exposing the true nature of his mentality. He's trailer trash with cash. Money does not make you class and it is already obvious that he's threatened by Barack's background. You know how our opposition feels when we are educated and successful. sThat's the primary traits of being uppity.

Vérité Parlant said...

Yep. Obama's getting it coming and going. He's got some confused liberal/progressives over on one side who preface every critique with "I voted for Obama, so I'm not a racist but ..." They're angry with him because he's not actually the messiah they projected him to be. Those are the folks in search of the SuperN*gg*r wearing a Magic Negro cape. That group includes some black people who seem to think he had some special goody bag in the back for his brother and sisters. I find that amusing since the man definitely did not run on a special "black" agenda.

And then he's got the regular racists who see that same talent and fear him as the Uppity N*gg*r. We should criticize presidents, ALL presidents. But it's educational to see how this president is being criticized as opposed to others. Where are the fair adults who actually do see him simply as a human trying to run a country dealing with a series of crises?

And yes all the way. Trump is a media whore, and the media loves him for it.