Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nicolas Cage Arrested in New Orleans

More news on Nicolas Cage's arrest:
Cage appeared before a magistrate this morning where his bond was set at $11,000. He was ordered to return to court for a hearing on May 31. A "stay away'' order was waived. (Per
And I may have to take back some of what I said suggesting the police may have been overzealous with Cage. He's getting a reputation around here, according to what the Times Picayune reports, and "was escorted out of a French Quarter restaurant by police on March 4 after an incident that ended in a broken window at the upscale Stella!" He was not charged back then.

Previously Reported: I don't want to believe it, but a news source via the New Orleans Sheriff's website reports that actor Nicolas Cage "was booked into Orleans Parish Prison at 6:30 a.m." on domestic battery and disturbing the peace charges. According to WWL TV, Cage is shooting a movie in town.

I recall that Cage also bought a house here in 2007, but I think he sold it.

TMZ says that Cage "taunted police into arresting him." He was sloppy drunk when a cab driver saw him arguing with his wife, Alice. However, his wife says that he did not physically assault her, reports TMZ. The cab driver, however, says he called the police because he saw Cage push his wife. (I give props to the cab driver for calling the police if he thought a woman was in danger.)

It sounds like Cage made the officers mad, and well, you know how it is. The New Orleans police like asserting their authority. Two officers were recently convicted here in beating a man to death six years ago and trying to cover it up. But I hope Cage was just drunk after partying in our fair city, lost his mind for a few minutes, and that's all there is to it. We don't need another Charlie Sheen.


Reggie said...

I like the idea of drunks being locked up overnight in the city jail to cool their heels and come down off of their high.

prasad said...

This arrest says that if anyone misbehaves like this either he/she a common man or a celebrate they will be punished.