Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate Released (See it!)

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President Barack Obama finally lost patience with birther nonsense, and so, Wednesday morning the White House released the long form of Obama's birth certificate from Hawaii, his birth state.
"We do not have time for this kind of silliness," Obama told reporters at the White House.

"Normally I would not comment on something like this," the president said. But the country has "enormous challenges" that it will not be able to effectively meet "if we're distracted."

The president ripped what he characterized as a recent focus on "side shows" and "carnival barkers." (CNN)
I've covered the stupidity of "birthers" before, and so I won't go into it now. Perhaps the White House is reacting to Donald Trump's collapse into "birther" conspiracy theory insanity (Trump now says he's proud to have played a role in possibly getting rid of this issue. Nice spin, but no cigar, Mr. Trump.). I could write more, but my time is too valuable to waste more of it on this topic. But we should be asking ourselves if some people in the GOP and the Tea Party trust even the laws enacted before Obama took office because the first birth certificate the president released while running for office is actually the legally recognized certificate of live birth in Hawaii, not the old, long form that birthers have doggedly demanded and you can see above.


eagle said...

when a conspiracy theory is wrong, they release the evidence to prove that the conspiracy theorists are wrong. But when the conspiracy theorists are right, they pretend not to listen to those theorists at all...
Obama is a good man anyways, he seems to be the only president with least number of skeletons in the closet.


Pamela Lyn said...

This "birther" nonsense has been one of the most divisive non-issues that I've witnessed in my life. I expected no better from the Limbaughs, Becks and Bachmanns but the comments of Franklin Graham have truly been disappointing. I have so much respect for the work of Samaritan's Purse and BGEA but I can no longer support ANYONE is can rationalize the blatant racism behind the birther issue.