Monday, May 16, 2011

River Watch: Snakes Not Greatest Flood Threat, Says Lutz

New Orleans-located infectious disease expert Dr. Brobson Lutz says in the video above that people going to watch the rising Mississippi River along the area's levees should be more concerned about the viruses they could catch from mosquito bites than about encountering a snake. He said that whenever flooding makes the news, you can count on someone to air video with a snake swimming in the flood waters. However, someone walking through flood waters is more likely to sustain an injury from stepping on a nail in debris beneath the surface.

He's right about that but as someone with a bit of snake phobia, I watched Diane Sawyer's report about Memphis, Tenn. flooding with my heart in my throat. And its on my mind with all the news stories about potential flooding down here in Louisiana.

See Sawyer's video below, which features water moccasins also known as cotton mouths. In addition, the video covers poisonous spiders, deer, and other critters who may be fleeing the flooding and taking up residence in the homes of humans.


le0pard13 said...

Did I ever mention I'd rather deal with our earthquakes than the potential of the flooding, damage, and displacement of said poisonous snakes/spiders and the like? Well, if I didn't, I'm saying it now. Thanks, Nordette.

Kristin said...

Flood water can be extremely dangerous! Not only do people have to be worried about viruses from mosquitoes but also toxicity of the water itself. Flood Waters are notoriously contaminated and should be avoided (obviously!) I always feel so bad for the wildlife!