Saturday, February 1, 2014

I'm a writer, so you'd think I'd journal more, but noooo

I just read a blog post at Flamingo House by Denise about art journaling and some Filofax thingies and she's been doing something in or with her journal every day. It sounds so organized and committed. She says that the month of January didn't go as she'd planned, but still, I'm intimidated.

And she's Instagraming her life, too.  I haven't taken to Instagram yet or Vine or Pinterest. I've lost my early adopter mojo, it seems.

But every year I tell myself that I'm going to keep a journal or diary (Notice it's not lose weight. That's so 15 years ago). I even bought this fancy journal last year with leather and a latch and everything, but I've only written in it about three times since I opened it.

My problem is that I forget that I'm supposed to be keeping a journal. Even if I do it for say five days in a row, if something distracts me on day six, I'm done. A month may pass before I say, "Oh, yeah. I was writing in a journal. Where is that thing?"

In 2013, I even forgot to write on my blog half the time, and that's probably because I went through a bit of a depression after my father passed away, followed by my brother (my only sibling) six months later. But this year will be much better. I'll be much better, I hope.


Denise said...

That's a beautiful journal. You should definitely remember to write in it, just so you can fondle it. (Does it smell good? lol)

Vérité Parlant said...

Yes, it does smell good, Denise. :-)
I'm going to do better.