Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Brittnee Camelle vs. Melissa Jimenez: "Give It to Me Right" from NBC's The Voice

I'm a fan of NBC's The Voice; everybody who visits this blog probably knows that by now. And currently, the show's in the battle rounds stage. Tonight's best battle was Brittnee Camelle vs. Melissa Jimenez performing "Give It to Me Right," Melanie Fiona's song. (Fiona is a Canadian soul singer/songwriter.) The performance was hot as in sexy, and both young women, coached by Usher and the phenomenal Jill Scott, did well. So, well that I'll even excuse Usher for his use of the term "cat fight" when he talked about the battle.

But the best note came from Jill Scott to Brittnee. She told the young singer that as she listened to her with her eyes closed, she heard a story, but when she looked at her perform, all she was attitude, which was a distraction. Brittnee had a lot of chicken neck action going on before Jill gave her that tip. Jill and Usher agreed that vulnerability is a good thing.

So, who do you think won? Usher chose Melissa and Adam stole Brittnee, so both singers move on in the show.

As usual, I show my age when I write about this show. I had not heard "Give It To Me Right' before, so when the song started it threw me. All I heard was "Time of the Season" by the Zombies. That 1968 song was played often on the radio when I was a little girl and even a teen in the 70s. Fiona's song "samples it heavily," as Wikipedia says.

I've posted "Time of the Season" by the Zombies below this paragraph, and below it I've added Melanie Fiona's video for "Give it To Me Right."

Melanie Fiona's version

Thus ends my music lesson for the night.

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