Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Voice: I'm ready for more Josh Kaufman (video)

Last night on the blind auditions of The Voice on NBC, Josh Kaufman brought the sweetness of heartfelt soul when he sang George Michael's "One More Try." Kaufman's voice is smooth, and he conveyed the emotion of the lyrics adding goose-bump moments with his falsetto and other choices. I look forward to hearing more of him.

I was not familiar with "One More Try," and that's because when George Michael was climbing the charts, I was married with a child and not listening to radio or watching videos much then. The only song of his I recall is "Careless Whisper." That song was everywhere in 1984, but I was not a fan of it as others were. For those who've never heard "One More Try," I've added it at the end of this blog post, below. I prefer Kaufman's version, however. He won me over with that split-second pause before moving into falsetto.

I've also posted Divine's version below and Beverly Knight's cover, too. Knight brings a lot to the song with her raspy, gospel sound.

Kaufman chose Adam as his mentor, and that was a shock. I thought he'd choose Usher, but perhaps he felt Usher might limit him too much to one kind of music. Also, Adam turned around first and Usher last. That throws singers. Usher is trying to show that he waits to hear the entire performance so he doesn't have a knee-jerk response, but for some contestants his hesitancy probably translates to "Usher doesn't like me much and won't stand by me."

The judges' antics on the show make me laugh, even though I know they overblow things for entertainment's sake. Nonetheless, when Blake turned around for Kaufman right after Adam, I think Adam cut his eyes at Blake for real. All four judges turned, but I never thought Shakira or Blake had a chance to win Kaufman.

One More Try recorded by Divine

Beverly Knight performing "One More Try"

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