Monday, May 12, 2014

Solange attacks Jay-Z, but what did Beyonce say? (extended video) Solange irate for a while

I have read two reports about the Solage vs. Jazy-Z incident that say Beyonce stood off to the side, as though the superstar whimpered in a corner of the elevator. One even says, "Beyonce stands there, adjusts her dress." But when I look at the TMZ video, I see that Beyonce does not just stand there. Somewhere between the 00:25 and 00:30 second mark, her lips are moving, and she faces Solange, and later she and Jay-Z seem to be talking to each other.
Read update: Solange deletes all pictures but one of Beyonce on Instagram account while Beyonce posts a prayer asking God for discernment about all of her relationships . . . Click here.

 According to the original TMZ story, "All three walked out of the building together -- Solange looks pissed -- but while Bey and Solange get in one car ... security walks Jay to a different one." So I'm guessing in the elevator, Bey was saying to her sister something like, "Girl, you better get a hold of yourself" or "Solange, calm down. There are cameras in this elevator." Per TMZ, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Solange were coming from a Met Gala, and as you can see in the video, body guards restrained Solange.

And on this extended video, when Solange is no longer restrained but makes a move toward Jay-Z again (02:06), not only does the body guard position himself between Solange and Jay-Z, but so does Beyonce.

The blogger rightfully points out that Solange, who recently performed at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, lives part-time in New Orleans, and the post includes the following tweet from a New Orleans resident.
Yes, that tweet made laugh.

If my brother were still alive, he'd probably say something like, "That's that New Orleans coming out in Solange," which is what he told me when I yelled at this woman in New York once to stop doing something, and she stopped, too, but I don't know what came over me.

People forget that the Beyonce and Solange have a Louisiana heritage via their mother's family (Beyonce gets her name from her mother's maiden name, Beyincé). The family is considered to be "black Creole," but technically they're black Cajuns if this Wikipedia article is correct. According to the entry, in addition to African ancestry, the Beyincé family traces part of its line back to Joseph Broussard, the Cajun leader who organized the Acadian resistance.

I'll add that in general, Cajuns are considered to be a feistier bunch of European immigrants (Basque to Acadia to Louisiana) than French Creoles. So, while a lot of people are probably talking about Solange today and linking her feistier side to her black roots, it could be those Cajun genes were showing themselves. I'm just saying.

I'm guessing that we'll never know what set Solange off or why she and her sister, Bey, left in a separate limousine. The obvious reason is that another outburst would have been harder to control in the confines of a limo. But men, please take note, nobody swung back at Solange, which is probably the only positive thing that can be said about the video. I tire of men who justify beating a woman up because she was the physical aggressor. I'm thinking now of all the people who defended Chris Brown because Rihanna allegedly threw the first punch.

And what do we learn from this video? Nothing that we didn't know already: no matter how rich, no matter how famous, people have problems with in-laws.

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Elijah Black said...

You are right about that! But you have to admit there is double standard when folks talk about physical altercations between a man and a woman.

Solange was wrong on this one.