Friday, June 6, 2014

Bobby Jindal's Big Oil conflict of interest: Louisiana governor signs bill to stop lawsuits against oil companies

Two days ago I rolled my eyes at Gov. Bobby Jindal because of his appearance on Duck Dynasty. The man goes out of his way to identify with the extreme Right. Today I bare teeth at the man as he kisses Big Oil's behind again.

WWL-TV reports, "Despite the urging of the state attorney general, the New Orleans city council and several academicians that he should veto the bill, Governor Bobby Jindal has signed SB 469, which prevents a lawsuit that was filed by the New Orleans levee board against big oil companies. . . . The Louisiana Oil and Gas Association cheered Jindal’s decision."

Really? Really, Bobby.

I knew his initial move to postpone signing the bill to listen to scholars and here from the state Attorney General was mere pacification theatrics. As I wrote in 2010, Jindal loves Big Oil. He loves it so much that as far as I'm concerned his signing SB 469 was a conflict of interests.

It's too bad we don't have a way for governors to recuse themselves from signing bills in some situations. Too bad there's not a way for some impartial official to step in on such matters. However, in Louisiana, when it comes to oil, where would we find an impartial leader?

At the Cenlamar blog, Lamar White also returns to 2010 and the BP spill while discussing SB 469, reminding readers that they should be outraged. He also quotes various legislators and activists who say that BP lobbied against SB 469.

Well, of course BP lobbied against the bill. But they probably didn't have to lobby Bobby. He's been on his knees for them so long that they only blow him kisses.


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