Monday, September 1, 2014

Midterms are coming: Should you vote in this election?

Summer is over. Midterms are coming. Of course you should vote.

Somebody else has probably already thought of this, but I don't care. I decided to make this graphic, "Midterms are Coming," which plays off the Game of Thrones', "Winter is Coming," just for fun. Of course, I'm not a graphic artist, so what you see is the best I can do.

On Game of Thrones, winter sounds so ominous. I confess, I am sort of dreading what's ahead, midterm results. If the Republican Party wins both houses of Congress, poor and middle-class Americans are going to have a bumpy 2015-2017. Unfortunately for those of us not in the top two percent of income earnings, politicos are predicting the GOP will take both.

But, even if you're a Democratic Party voter or a progressive Independent who believes the Republican Party will win control of the Senate and keep the House, that's not reason to stay home. That's reason to go to the polls.

And even if you think your vote won't matter, get out and vote anyway because if you don't vote, you sound dumb complaining about how government operates and governmental decisions.

So, do you know when early voting begins in your district? Do you known who's on the ballot seeking which positions? Does the state you live in now require a picture ID in order for you to vote?

I live in Louisiana, so I check both the Louisiana Secretary of State, website, the League of Women Voters, NOLA, and the Orleans Parish Registrar of Voters site to make sure nothing's changed, such as the ballot or early voting days. Also, I want to assure myself that I haven't mixed up anything. You should have similar sites for your area if you're not in New Orleans, and if you've just moved, find out when is the last day to register to vote where you are. has a map that shows what's up for grabs in the Senate. The site is nonpartisan.

Given what the world witnessed this summer in Ferguson, Missouri, I think we can all agree that we should not take our civil rights for granted, especially our right to vote.

And of course, voting is much easier than enduring the dreaded winter of Games of Thrones.

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