Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mike Brown's Killing: Two new witnesses, contractors, speak

As I said in my previous post on Darren Wilson supporters, two new witnesses, contractors who were working at the apartment complex in Ferguson on August 9 when Mike Brown Jr. was killed, have come forward. They saw Wilson shoot to death the unarmed 18-year-old. Today, CNN posted cell phone video that someone filmed of the two contractors reacting to the officer shooting down the teen immediately after the shooting.

One of the men is seen in the video holding his hands up yelling "He had his hands f**king up!" as police lay crime scene tape in the background.

At the end of the video, another man who is not one of the contractors says that Brown was going down, holding his hands over his stomach and falling forward, but Officer Wilson kept shooting. His account of Mike Brown's position is corroborated by the autopsy that Michael Baden conducted, the pathologist who did so on behalf of the family. Baden said that one of the bullets entered the top of Brown's head in a way that indicated the youth was falling forward or on his knees with his head down.

Today, more upheaval in Ferguson as 35 people were arrested for attempting to block Interstate 70, and Tuesday night at the city's first council meeting since the shooting, citizens, unhappy with proposed policy changes, blasted city leaders. A Saint Louis activist said that Ferguson leaders had lost their authority to govern.

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