Monday, September 15, 2014

Stuck in a Black Bird's Groove: obsessive love (Video)

blackbird graphic for poem
We like to call our romantic fixations "crushes, torches, or love-sickness," and this video poem is probably more along the romantic vein rather than stalker, but I know some psychologists who would call any inability to stop thinking about someone and still longing for the person's company to be an obsession. Some even say infatuation is a form of mental illness.

The speaker of this poem is not in a state of mind to give up yet.

I wrote this poem in 2006. Between coming out of a harrowing divorce and attempting to date again, I may have been a touch crazy back then (not about the ex, though), but I still like this poem. Also, I had a muse of sorts, one I wish would go back to writing a few love poems again, but the person's gone uber spiritual, rather lofty. The work is good; I just miss the poet's old stuff.

The video for "Stuck in a Black Bird's Groove" is a remix. I made an older video for the poem and posted it to YouTube two years ago, but I was just learning how to use Windows Movie Maker back then, so, the video had some issues. I never rally liked it. Last week I decided I really, really didn't like it, so I made that video with its 200 views private, and produced this one.

For those reading who like to document process, first I edited the poem a little, nothing major, and then I went in search of royalty-free music, pictures, and video clips. I became a member of for still shots and for video.

Doing poetry videos every once in a while fulfills me in some way. I do it even though the videos don't draw a lot of hits (with the exception of "Misery," which did better than average for original poetry). And this one comes on the heels of the "Break-Up Poem," which I did last week and hardly anyone's watched. At the end of August I also produced a video of another poet's work, "An Angel for New Orleans," for the 9th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

I didn't post the written poem of "Stuck in a Black Bird's Groove" on YouTube. I've posted them here.

Stuck in a Black Bird's Groove
by Nordette N. Adams

I cannot speak to you.
But my eyes still seek out you.
My soul's been meek for you.
But I cannot speak to you this truth.

When the evening come and all my sorrows stretch
prostrate before silver streams of early moon weeping,
When birds come to roost in charcoal blue,
tangled strands of my mourning,
my head still tilts toward your breath.

I listen and I long.
I listen for your song.

You do not seek out me.
You've not been meek for me.
Your outlook's bleak for me.
You do not seek out me, your sooth.

When the morning come and my joy seeps out,
vanishing with coral dreams of dawn,
When birds take flight and leave me
to grieving gray days of my journey,
my soul turns toward your heartbeat.

I listen and I long.
I listen for your song.

The blues is black with me.
Black blues fall back on me.
This deck's not stacked for me.
The blues is black with me.
It's you.

When noon bring sun to seek my scarlet sins,
and sun drops in pale sky to cast its shadows,
When black birds fly past with wings spread wide,
and I stand on Earth in envy,
my dreaming conjures your heartfire.

I listen and I long.
I listen and I long.

© 2006 Nordette Adams

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