Sunday, November 16, 2014

Nazis Next Door, Gruber, and More USA Secrets (video)

Because of a legal loophole, some Nazis who came to America after World War II and were kicked out of the country years ago are still receiving government benefits today. Eric Lichtblau, author of “The Nazis Next Door: How America Became a Safe Haven for Hitler’s Men” joins to discuss.
This is rather appalling. The United States of America protected and hid Nazis, and Nazis here and now get government handouts. I mean, bona fide white people who also entered the country outside of legal immigration channels and who committed abominable crimes are out there getting free government money. They're out there living off the taxes paid by hard-working Americans! Hmm. Do they vote, too?

Well, I am not surprised. The U.S. government has rarely been transparent in its doings, which is why I think the conservatives who are going on and on about Jonathan Gruber's "stupidity of the American voters" video, one of several, shows that many of them don't seem to get that sleight of hand is not a new thing in Washington D.C. They seem to think it's something the current administration invented under President Obama.

But here's an article at The Upshot that explains why there's nothing shocking about Gruber's video. Nothing at all. Furthermore, given that Gruber's talking about the Affordable Care Act's language cloaking a tax increase, I think the "stupidity of the American voter" is a reference to moderates who don't understand how the ACA works, not those clearly on the Left who wanted a single payer, universal healthcare system. People on the Left are not anti-tax increase. That's a Right wing thing.

And all those objections the Republicans voiced during the crafting of the ACA? That was posturing, red meat to appease the base. Disguising a tax increase is always about appeasing the Right. People who were paying attention, though, understood what was happening, recognized the trade-off. I did at least.

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