Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Teacher Dances with Students to Hot "Uptown Funk"

As friends and family know and as my previous blog post confirms, I adore Mark Ronson's hit "Uptown Funk" featuring the lovable Bruno Mars. I watched the video the same day it dropped, immediately fell in love with the its "tip of the hat" to old school jams, and saw "hit" all over it.

I can add to my adorable list this performance of the song by theater students at A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School in Dallas.

The school's theater arts teacher, Scott Pankey, who's front and center dancing with his students, organized the project, according to the Today Show and other news sources. In the video, he leads students through the school's halls shaking to the infectious tune. The Dallas Fox affiliate adds, ". . . the video was all done in one take and it culminates with a large number of students and Pankey dancing together . . ."

In an interview posted below with Pankey and some of his students, he says that he's not a dancer but he told the kids if they would do it, he would do it. He also says that the student filming them was on a library cart. They say they didn't expect the video to go viral, but so far it has more than three million views on YouTube.

I've seen comments on Facebook about this video such as, "I wish I had a teacher like that when I was in high school." Don't we all?

Hat tip my friend and fellow blogger Babz at A Life In Transition for sharing this video on her Facebook page.

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