Friday, March 13, 2015

Stop don't talk to me from Orange is the New Black's Twitter trending (Video)

This video of the Orange is the New Black song "Stop Don't Talk to Me" is trending at the moment of this post on Twitter. I can see the humor even though I have not watched the Netflix hit since season one, but I guessed the cast song must have been based on a scene from the show. Well, yes it is, this one here.

I tried the second season, but I opted not to continue because I had too many other things to do. Actually, I was a scaredy cat. I sensed it would be darker than season one and didn't want to experience the heart-pounding state of suspense the show puts me in sometimes.

Fast Company has the details on how this song came about with a push from "Vine stars," such as the one below, Lycia Faith, who has more than a million followers on Vine.

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