Wednesday, April 22, 2015

This year's Voice on NBC will drive you to drink

Every year or each season, I post on NBC's The Voice because I think it is the best vocal competition on television (Sorry, American Idol). This year the singers are exceptional and are giving each other one of the best runs for the effort yet. However, I'm just getting around to posting about this season because I've been preoccupied with a few brick and mortar projects.

Seriously, it's harder than ever to decide who to vote for after performances, which is why I've said this season could drive people to drink.

Last night Rob Taylor of Team Christina and Deana Johnson of Team Adam Levine were voted off, so it's down to the the final eight, and here they are:

If it were up to me, the competition would boil down to Kimberly and Megan, but I think Sawyer or Corey have a good chance given the strength of the young girl vote with these shows.

This doesn't mean that I don't enjoy watching performances by all of these performers. I do have two, however, who are the least likely to move me emotionally, and that's Corey and Joshua. I give Joshua the edge. I'm a fan of people like James Taylor and Paul Simon, though, so if he puts out a recorded a memorable song of his own, I may buy it.

Below this paragraph, I've posted some of the performances that I've really enjoyed so far.

Kimberly Nichole killed it as usual on Monday night, but I'm posting her song from the previous week because it's one of my favorite songs, "House of the Rising Sun," partly because it's about New Orleans. Has anyone else noticed how often New Orleans or Louisiana's popped up this season? (The contestant from New Orleans, Tonya Boyd Cannon, went home during the last of the battle rounds, but Rob and Megan also have Louisiana roots.)

For Meghan, I'm posting two videos and another by Little Big Town. First, here's Martin Linsey's performance from last night, a cover of Marc Broussard's "Home."

Here's Megan Linsey's cover of "Girl Crush." While I do like some country music, I had not heard this song before, which was originally recorded by Little Big Town. I enjoyed it not only because of Megan's outstanding performance, but also because of the song's lyrics. They struck me as far above average in depth and complexity.

After the show, I listened to Little Big Town's version, and I preferred Megan's cover, so I bought it. All I can say is that Megan must have grown up listening to a lot of soul/R&B music.

Litte Big Town: "Girl Crush"

Finally, I would remiss if I did not post Koryn Hawthorne's moving, soulful cover of Ed Sheeran's "Make it Rain." She threw her whole existence into that performance and sounded like she was channeling Mahalia Jackson and a few other gospel greats.

And one more thing, Reba McEntire's new song, "Going Out like That," is one for the playlists. She sang it on last night's show. I like it when I first heard it a few weeks back.

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