Sunday, May 24, 2015

National Slave Ship Museum Board denies slave ship replica to cruise Mississippi but I've got video proof of their plan

Supporters of the National Slave Ship Museum, including New Orleans City Councilwoman Latoya Cantrell, participated in an interview that made false claims to Times Picayune reporter Jarvis DeBerry about plans for the National Slave Ship Museum.

Board member Debra Morton unequivocally denied that the museum plans have a full-scale replica of a slave ship that will sail the Mississippi River selling rides to tourists. She, Cantrell, and the architect Clifton James seem to think it's ludicrous that anyone would think the plan included such a thing. And yet they never bothered to contradict the numerous reports about the sailing ship over the years.

However, the video above shows an economic development committee meeting in which the cruising slave ship plan is mentioned twice. Once it's mentioned as a revenue source. So, clearly they planned to sell tickets to board this ship.

I also discovered planners have already received a letter of intention from the Port of New Orleans agreeing for them to use the proposed area of the Celeste Street Wharf, and that they've named their celebrity spokesperson, actor and activist Wendell Pierce (SELMA, Suits, The Wire, Treme).

More surprising however, is the proposal's plan for a simulation ride inside the museum that the architect says will let riders "experience the journey as a slave as they did at sea, a realistic ride that would probably take 4 to 5 minutes."

If these people can't be trusted to tell the plain truth in a media interview, can they be trusted to ensure the integrity of history such as suffering and death during the Middle Passage?

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