Saturday, March 5, 2016

The worst thing the Democratic Party can do now

Dear Democratic Party Members:
by Nordette N. Adams

A "presidential" candidate has stood
on television where he has proclaimed
his genitalia grand and ready wood.
Even in such small things, it’s his aim
to shield his huge ego no matter what.

Just imagine him negotiating pacts
with other nations -- then, each year, his gust
on every network lobbing crass attacks.

And whom among us will he target next?
He’s mocked women, the disabled, ethnic groups.
Yet, fans cheer him wildly, shout, "He's right!"
So, now the Grand Old Party is perplexed.
They huff and race to kick him off the boat.
But Dems, don't happy dance just yet.
Don't ever count your voters till they vote.

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