Sunday, September 3, 2017

Jonny P.'s "Shine On" -- This singer deserves more attention

Full concert is on ReverbNation, Jonny P. Live at the Cotton Mill. From his bio on ReverbNation:
Jonny P is a soul artist and fashion designer who was born in New York City. This Nashville-based singer has a sound that's reminiscent of the greats of Motown. Jonny is poised to carve his modern soul mark in the landscape of R&B. His vocals are nothing but refreshing and his style is inspiring to those that crave true artistry. In his four years in Nashville he's released "Right to You," a six-track EP and is currently working on new music and projects set to release in 2016.
This Jonny P. is not to be confused with the deceased hiphop artist Johnny P. Better music and a missing "H" in this case makes all the difference.

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