Monday, November 27, 2017

Yes, Prince Harry is engaged to a black woman

Meghan Markle with her mother Doria Ragland at Ragland's
graduation from USC.
Those of you who live to quantify blackness may debate just how black the royally engaged Meghan Markle is later. Just know that she has never tried to hide that she is biracial.

Markle is the daughter of Tom Markle (an award-winning lighting designer who is white) and Doria Ragland (an African-American actress). Her parents divorced when she was a child. Once wedded to Prince Harry, she will be  the HRH Duchess of Sussex, says the UK's Telegraph.

On the show Suits in which she plays the paralegal Rachel Zane, New Orleans actor and the always black and living it Wendell Pierce plays her father, the powerful attorney, Robert Zane. So, even her fictional character acknowledges her blackness.

I preface the rest of this post with two statements: 1.) I am a fan of the TV show Suits on USA and have enjoyed Markle's performance on it; 2.) I have yet to care about one of Great Britain's royal weddings, including that of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. I doubt I'll follow the activity around these nuptials either despite being happy for Meghan whose engagement to Prince Harry was announced this morning.

The main reason I'm writing about this royal engagement is to recall the last time the world was abuzz over a royal engagement, Kate Middleton's engagement to Prince William. During that period, Helena Andrews wrote an article published at The Root entitled "There Are No Black Kate Middletons, which annoyed me so much that I in turn wrote my, "Letter to a Young Black Woman: Don't Whine Over White Princesses." Welp. Everything must change.

I guess there won't be too much whining from women of color this time as the world goes royally crazed. Yet, I'm sure someone will find something to complain about before all is said and done. That's life in these Complicated States of America.

But the grumblings of commoners will matter little. The tabloids say Megan's parents are very happy.

Finally, this is not another Obamaesque situation. Prince Harry's union with Meghan Markle will not be the first time Great Britain's had added a little blackness to the royal line. Queen Charlotte was reportedly from a royal black Portuguese family and is considered Great Britain's first black queen, according to historians. However, a lot would have to happen for Meghan ever to become queen. Prince Harry is pretty far down the succession line.

Update, December 5: "The Meaning of Meghan Markle: Black and Royal, No Longer an Oxymoron in Britain," (NPR)

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