Wednesday, February 26, 2020

6 links to help you sort 6 year olds being arrested in Florida

I haven't posted at this blog in quite a while, but I had to make it public again. Hearing about 6-year-olds being arrested at school or dragged off to mental health wards without their parents' consent gives me pause.

Some of the comments made about these Florida cases and the treatment of black children gives me pause even longer. So, all I'm going to do here is provide six links, a kind of reading list for those who think arresting a 6 year old whose having a tantrum at school is normal and appropriate.

If you really care about this topic, and if you really want to understand . . . I mean if you're not just playing games and speaking out the opposite of your mouth, then please read the following.

An earlier news story on a similar issue in Florida:
1. "6 year old committed to mental health facility without mother's consent"
A more recent article about a different 6 year old in Florida:
2. "6-year-old arrested by Florida cop tearfully asks for second chance in body cam footage"

If you think this issue is unrelated to racial justice, ask yourself when was the last time you heard about a 6 year old white child being arrested for throwing a tantrum? And no, the answer is definitely not white children don't throw tantrums at school.
3. "Black students bear uneven brunt of discipline"

For those who seem driven to attempt justifying the treatment of these children with false equivalencies, I ask, "And why are you comparing your 14-year-old nephew's arrest to a 6-year old's arrest?" And how would you feel if someone committed your child or grandchild to a mental institution without your  consent? Please read up on the adultification of black girls.
4. "Study -- black girls viewed as less innocent than white girls."
5. "Study -- black kids seen as less innocent than white kids"
6. "Yes, pre-school teachers really do treat black children and white children differently"

The Internet would be a better space if people would read more before speaking.

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