Sunday, March 15, 2009

ArtMaggot Visual Messaging, Rush Limbaugh & Michael Steele

rush limbaugh gop boss by artmaggotBy way of Field Negro's blog, I noticed ArtMaggot and kept wondering where is Field finding this art he features on the side of his blog? Snooped and found ArtMaggot's space at which he has posted this gem that you see on your left, "Old Master, New Master," commentary on the Rush Limbaugh/Michael Steele struggle for power.

See the larger picture at the ArtMaggot Hysteria blog. Limbaugh should send ArtMaggot some cash for making him look so good.

Michael Steele's not faring well at all in this mess. As I said at Field's blog, Steele must not have heard the wisdom, "Blessed is the man who sits on the fence for he will be shot by both sides."

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le0pard13 said...

Rush is only person I know who looks fat even in black. Of course, in my head I can hear my mother now: "If you don't have nothing civil to say about someone, don't say it." So, I have nothing civil to say about him--at all.