Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Health Insurance Companies' Dirty Tricks

I had this in the queue to post a few days back, but am just getting to publishing it. It's a video from CNN of Wendell Potter, a former excecutive with Cigna Health Insurance, talking about the dirty tricks of the health insurance industry.

Are you getting tired of the lies and political spin on the matter of Health Care Reform? CNN's started a fact checker service for this important debate called
Truth Squad.

FactCheck.org, the same service of the Annenberg Public Policy Center that monitors lies in political races, is also covering health care spin. In addition, as I said in my post on health care in-fear-mation, the Kaiser Foundation has a site that lets you compare proposed health care bills side-by-side.

President Barack Obama is currently battling accusations on the left that he's going soft and on the right that he's a socialist for attempting to improve the health care system at all. The left seems to want no compromise while the right is pulling out the stops to make this his make or break issue, and from what I can see some conservatives are far more concerned about getting him out of the White House than they are about what's best for the average American citizen. The fear campaign Republicans have waged to stop health care reform is despicable, and the Blue Dog Dems who back them for expediency's sake deserve to lose their seats.

I fault no one who knows the facts and has questions, but for goodness sake offer an alternative solution to what is undeniably a real problem. Don't just nay-say. Based on what I've observed from protesters, however, the only people who know the facts and have legitimate question are those who want the money explained. The rest are just grabbing at buzz words and being duped by fear tactics. And some of them clearly have no grasp of the facts, just a continuing issue with having a black president period. Have you heard the lie that health care reform is Obama's way to pay reparations to black people?

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le0pard13 said...

Hear, hear, Nordette. We have to stay on top of this, and clearly label the lies being vomited all over the place re: this issue. Thanks.