Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Should Obama Be Killed Poll Update, Facebook News

CNN reports that the developer of the poll application used to create the Should Obama Be Killed Poll knows who created the poll but the name of the culprit has not been revealed. Monday I posted here at this blog and at on the Should Obama Be Killed Poll and the Secret Service Investigating. When I noticed CNN video update today, I thought this would be a good time to follow-up.

Per CNN video, the developer of the third party application that the culprit used to create the poll is Jesse Farmer. For clarity's sake, Jesse Farmer did not create the poll. He only designed a third-party application that somebody else on Facebook accessed and used to create the Should Obama Be Killed poll.

Farmer is cooperating with the Secret Service and trying to keep a sense of humor about the fact that some misguided soul abused his application to create something so disturbing. As you can see from this screen capture of his Twitter profile, he has on his list of things to do, "Have a phone conversation with an agent from the US Secret Service."

And he tells another person on Twitter, @Williams1977, "Thousands of polls are created per day. I rely on automated systems + user reports to filter."

In addition, as you can see at the bottom of the screen capture, he tells @GottaLaff, the blogger who sent the screen shot of the offensive poll to the Secret Service, how to contact him. He says to others that had she contacted him, he would have taken the poll down and reported to the Secret Service as well.

Facebook took the poll down as soon as it learned about it and suspended Farmer's application developer privileges until he figures out how to monitor the creation of polls better in the application.

GottaLaff, as I reported in my first post on this topic, has received a thank you call from the Secret Service. According to a retweet, GottaLaff said her blog, The Political Carnival, received at least 14,000 hits on Monday because of the Facebook story.

To recap, the third-party Facebook application developer, Jesse Farmer, knows who created the Should Obama Be Killed Poll using his Facebook application, but the name of the poll's creator has not been released to the public.

Please watch the CNN video posted here for information about the law and threatening or appearing to threaten a president's life. You may also read the code at Cornell University Law School.

CNN also reports that the poll created later by someone else and called "Should the Creator of the Obama Be Killed Poll Be Arrested?" became the number one poll on Facebook following more news about the offensive assassination poll.

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