Sunday, October 25, 2009

Leibovitz's Obama Family Portrait

I've been out of commission, more or less, and so while I heard about the First Family's family portrait by acclaimed photographer Annie Leibovitz, I didn't get around to posting it in my blog until now. We didn't need Lebovitz's gifted eye to show us that the Obamas are an attractive family, but being photographed by the renowned celebrity photographer doesn't hurt anyone. And this is not the only Obama photo Leibovitz has taken. Left to right in the portrait you'll see President Barack Obama, younger daughter Sasha, First Lady Michelle, and older daughter Malia. The photo was taken in the Green Room at the White House on September 1.

The Washington Post reports that while Leibovitz is in "dire financial straits," she took no fee for the September 1st picture of the First Family. Per the San Jose Mercury News, "She made headlines recently because her financial problems have put a lifetime of work on the line. She must find a way to repay a $24 million loan or risk losing the rights to every picture she's ever taken."

The New York Times wrote a story on her financial woes this past summer.

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rads said...

That IS a lovely portrait of the handsome family! :)

I however wish the Mrs. mixed in a bit of white/red into her ensemble.

PPR_Scribe said...

I love this portrait. Sasha really is a "Daddy's girl." She is all over him in every photo!

Hope your "out of commission" means you are busy working (or having fun!) and not ill.