Saturday, October 31, 2009

Utah Teens Ticketed for Rapping Mickey D Orders

Utah police and McDonald's manager prove people over react in Utah just as they do in Cambridge, Mass., or maybe not.
Four American Fork teens are in hot water for upsetting a McDonald's restaurant manager with a hip-hop order at the drive-through, but the parents are saying their boys are getting a bad rap for their bad rap.
About 7 p.m. Tuesday, the teens -- one 18 and three-17-year-olds -- decided to emulate a popular YouTube video and rap their order at the American Fork eatery. (Salt Lake City Tribune)
Get this. The person taking the order asked them to not rap but just say their orders. They rapped again. The manager came out and say speak your order or leave. They left, but someone at the McDonalds took down their tag number and the police showed up at a high school sports event to give the boys a ticket for disorderly conduct in public.

Police Sgt. Gregg Ludlow said there's more to it than what's in the CNN video, that the boys also used foul language. While I alluded to the Henry Louis Gates incident in the first paragraph, we should recall that the Harvard Professor was arrested for disorderly conduct after objecting to how a police officer handled him in his own home. So, not quite the same thing.

But I'm going to bet that the McDonald's manager gets no kudos from MickeyD upper management and public relations department for not simply letting this go. Instead, McDonald's looks like an uptight establishment rather than the place for teens to get a burger.

To the Mgr.: Dude! Whine much?

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