Saturday, November 21, 2009

And the Poets Trembled, Reading Their Works

I joined so I could share music easily on Twitter and was brave enough to upload "And then the Rain God Screamed for Love" with me on spoken word vocal, words by Aberjhani, and music by Rahkyt after seeing my old friend William F. Devault was uploading his.

I say brave because it's always scary to put your voice out there, even if it's simply speaking and not singing. In this day of high powered spoken word artist, a lowly poet reciting his or her work should tremble. But I did manage to walk up at 17 Poets! earlier this year and read.

Call this posting a blast from the past, 2006. We had hoped to get it up on CD Baby, the whole poetry CD, but ran into technical issues and as always, no advance without finance.

Anyway, here is Rain God, a mystical romance. Kind of fitting since I'm writing this novel with gods and goddesses in our modern world, and I'm procrastinating writing more of that novel as I type this. However, I do have more than the words posted at NanoWriMo.

For the text of Aberjahni's poem, click here. For one of my old goddess poems, click this link.

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