Thursday, November 12, 2009

Obama Shunning Fox News: Well, That Didn't Last Long

The Huffington Post reports that President Barack Obama will be giving an interview to Fox News next week. Placed in the context of the supposed "boycott" and "war" his administration had waged on the highly-partisan "news" network, this revelation will intrigue quite a few people. Per the article:
The interview will take place in China next week and comes just one day after it was reported that Obama Communications Director Anita Dunn -- the so-called general in the administration's war against Fox News -- will be stepping down.
I'm not surprised. While I hate Fox News, I was not one of the anti-Fox News people applauding the White House's public opposition to Fox. I thought while that tactic may have worked during Obama's campaign, it seemed both unwise and inappropriate for the president of a free press country to appear to be at war with a major network no matter how insane the network's staff, anchors, and how biased its reporting.

Nevertheless, I do think President Obama should withhold the meat and give Fox News crumbs. He should not squander much of his valuable time on a network that persists in reporting the news inaccurately and fueling crazy conspiracy theories about the government under Obama. He is a man for whom the right wing ramped up to vilify before he even completed a full year of office. In fact, it was fairly early in his administration that the opposition's hatred of Obama matched the passion it took Bush's opponents eight years to build. Clearly they're with Limbaugh who immediately said after Obama took office, "I hope Obama fails."

If ever there was a case of whiners singing la-la-la-la with their fingers in their ears, it's the right in how it has handled Obama's brief time in office, and Fox News has actively promoted sticking fingers in the ears. Should anyone take a moment to pull those fingers out, that network of partisan pundits is waiting to cram heads with misinformation and viral paranoia.

Fox News is not a news network. It's a conservative opinion mill, a right-wing propaganda machine. Always has been. But the POTUS has to be stronger and cooler than a network of wackos.


Unknown said...

I don't think Obama should do the interview. It does nothing for him, his image, and will just add fuel to the fire of Fox right wing bias. The same people criticizing Obama were the ones silent when Bush boycotted MSNBC

Vérité Parlant said...

You've just told me something I didn't know, that Bush boycotted MSNBC. I'll bet that some of the same progressives who support Obama's boycott of Fox called Bush a fascist out to manipulate the media for avoiding MSNBC. I think whether he goes on Fox or not, Fox is gonna roast him; therefore, he should take the high road, a much higher one than George W. Bush.