Friday, June 4, 2010

BP Oil Spill Hits Florida Beaches. Laura Bush Said Don't Blame Obama for Oil Spill Clean-up Delay

Oil washes onshore in Florida, reports Good Morning America, and other news sources such as Federal News Radio. Alabama's also seeing and smelling oil. However, BP is seeing some progress with the containment cap it lowered onto the leak late last night.

In addition to this news, horrific pictures of birds trapped in BP's oil slick have been circulating the web. The photos here will break your heart and turn your stomach.

In other GMA news former first lady Laura Bush told Good Morning America that Obama should not be blamed for not being able to stop the oil.
"I think they're doing everything they can do. Absolutely. Just like we did with [Hurricane] Katrina," Bush, 63, told "Good Morning America" anchor Robin Roberts in an interview taped Wednesday that aired today. "You know, it's not one person's responsibility. The president can't do every single thing there is to do."
So, in one quote, she strokes George, sort of exonerating him of his missteps as wives do, and also gives Obama a break.

What got George into trouble most often, however, was his attitude and mouth. He put his foot in it again recently, casually admitting he approved the waterboarding of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, and Bush said he'd do it again.

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