Friday, June 11, 2010

Drilling Moratorium Will End Soon? Obama's Pontius Pilate Dilemma

AP photo. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar,
left, and Energy Secretary Steven Chu,
right, flank President Obama.
After hearing the La. Governor Bobby Jindal staged speech to "angry" oil rig workers yesterday, revving Gulf Coast residents to fight the six-month moratorium on oil drilling, I told my daughter Obama may have to do a Pontius Pilate on the Gulf Of Mexico.

I meant Obama may have to listen to the clamor of the crowd and hold his hand over the wetlands and oil-soaked birds and then wave it over humans who need to feed their families and let the crowd choose what's crucified, the Gulf of Mexico's marine life with our wetlands and wildlife or Louisiana residents' jobs.

She said, "You know he can't do that, Mom. He's the leader. He has to make a choice."

Well, there are ways for leaders to save face. All they have to do is send forth an underling to say circumstances have changed. That's what's happening here as Bloomberg BusinessWeek is reporting that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says the "shutdown of 33 rigs (for six months) to overhaul offshore drilling regulations" may end sooner than planned.
The U.S. is conducting a “thorough environmental analysis and scientific study” of offshore drilling after BP Plc’s Gulf of Mexico well blew out, causing the worst U.S. oil spill, Salazar told the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. President Barack Obama ordered a six-month halt on drilling in waters 500 feet and deeper while a commission investigates.
Obama's been saying that the ban is in place for safety reasons. Per the article, "Salazar said the moratorium is “the pause button, it’s not the stop button,” and he emphasized that oil production in the Gulf of Mexico has not stopped. A convenient rhetoric, it seems, just as people show they mean business over bashing Obama's moratorium. Let's see how much time passes before voila!--analysis complete.

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Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Heavy and brave post, and the connection to Pontius Pilate's decision and how he handled it is absolutely breathtaking. We already lost God's only Son. We do not need to lose the only living planet we live in and know about over politics. I pray it doesn't come to this.

Your daughter, like most children on the big decisions, can see the answer so clearly. I have a post up now with a similar theme. If you haven't read it already, check it out.