Friday, June 18, 2010

The 'F' You Song: Thank You, Lilly Allen

I don't hide that I have some anger issues, which means I really have to put the brakes on sometimes when I read comments from people supporting Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck. It's usually not that they like these people that aggravates me, but that they try to declare the two men don't make racist statements or spread misinformation. I think you can like idiots all you want, just don't pretend what they're saying is something other than what it is.

Recently I saw a comment from a troll agreeing with Republican nominee for congress in New Mexico, Tom Mullins, who proposes putting landmines on the the Mexican border. (I guess New Mexico politicians are tired of Arizona stealing their thunder.) I'm holding my tongue better, reminding myself that trolls, especially anonymous trolls, revel in creating chaos and stress.

Now and then I can't contain my frustration, however,as you can see in what I had to say here to someone about healthcare reform. The person was not a troll but a pundit, however.

I work hard to disguise the rage when it creeps up sometimes, and that's evident in my poem/post "I Wish I Were in the KMA Club." I felt guilty about even saying KMA in a nice way. Too much Sunday School, perhaps, too many "be a good girl" lectures, maybe?

Consequently, I almost rolled on the floor and definitely LMBAO at Lily Allen's song, "F*ck You." I will be buying it and adding it to my music player.


Reggie said...

I see we share many of the same opinions. Have you noticed that no one ever seems up in arms over fences or land mines across our northern border?!?

It wouldn't be that most of the people crossing our northern border weren't brown......would it?!?

msladyDeborah said...

Okay, now that I have stopped laughing at this song! Honestly Nordette, I love a good song writer and even though it is not the most attractive title-I totally love the lyrical content.

There are Haitians who are running across the northern boarder from Canada back into the US. I posted about this issue on my blog. 150 were captured so far. But I suspect that the whole Browning of America issue is going to get ulgier as the year goes on. Only an idiot would suggest that land mines be laid down on the border.

Such an uncivilized notion this is.
God help us if we ever have to run to Mexico from this nation!

le0pard13 said...

Oh, yes! Hear, hear! This one so made my day, Nordette. Thanks for this.