Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fight the Drilling Moratorium, La. Gov. Jindal Tells Gulf Residents

If you're reading this post, the update, "Republicans Gloat Over Oil Spill: The HuffPo Leak," may interest you as well.

As you'll see in the video embedded here from WVUE, Fox 8 in New Orleans, Lafourche Parish President Charlotte Randolph has a message for President Barack Obama who said recently he was looking for "whose ass to kick" on the oil spill.
Mr President, you are looking for someone's butt to kick. You are kicking ours."
That may be a popular soundbite. Randolph delivered it at a gathering of oil industry workers where Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal spoke. She echoes a common sentiment in this oil state that voted Republican in 2008.

While President Barack Obama consoled the families today who lost relatives in the April 20 oil rig explosion, the nation learned the oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico from the Deep Horizon hole may be double that of previous estimates, up to 40,000 barrels per day, reports CNN and other sources. Also today, we learned that the historic P&J oyster house closed in New Orleans for the time being, a casualty of the oil spill. The oysters that remained in the few beds still open for harvesting have run out.

As this news reached us, Jindal was at the staged speech in the video, looking fiery in the setting of oil rigs "preparing to leave the Gulf of Mexico for foreign waters." He said Obama doesn't understand the impact the temporary oil moratorium will have on the state. The Times Picayune reports:
... Jindal ratcheted up the rhetoric Thursday against the Obama administration's moratorium on deepwater drilling ... (He) addressed hundreds of angry shipyard workers at a slip in Port Fourchon, said Obama needs to listen to the majority of a panel of experts, who advised the Interior Department on drilling safety and recently said they were not in favor of a six-month "blanket moratorium."
In the Fox 8 news video up top, you'll see Jindal pounding the point that America will lose oil jobs to South America and unfriendly nations if Obama lets the moratorium stand because, Jindal believes, the companies won't come back.

Relaying the uproar in Louisiana against the drilling ban, the AP says:
The oil-and-gas industry is the backbone of the Louisiana economy, bringing in billions of dollars in revenue for the government and accounting for nearly one-third of the nation's domestic crude production.
President Obama has said the moratorium is necessary for safety reasons.

The Times Picayune, our daily, published on June 5 two editorials objecting to the moratorium and criticizing the president.Other local stories about the moratorium include: Some good news, maybe: Huge federal Gulf recovery act planned, expert says.

Finally, today some local leaders visited Washington and made emotional pleas to congressional leaders, asking for help with fighting the oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Anonymous said...

For other states considering off shore drilling take notice here: a state whose economy is so reliant on the oil industry that's it's willing to sacrifice it's tourist, fishing, and shellfish industries AND fob off it's environmental legacy for the sake of petro jobs. Common sense regulations and safety precautions are of no value here and they'll be of no value should such a catastrophe happen on your shores. Take note of the likes of Charlotte Randolph and don't allow the allure of this industry in your backyard.