Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is it Ever O.K. to Out a Gay Person?

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This could be a horrible thing. This post may be the proverbial train wreck the curious must watch--an opinionated heterosexual writing about a controversial topic deemed "queer," as it relates to the sensibilities and politics of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities. But I'm writing about it because, well, it's a train wreck with cars twisted and toppled, hanging precariously over cliffs, heavy with philosophies about the right to privacy, journalistic integrity, the sanctity of 12 step programs, and the circumstances under which homosexual politicians or pastors should be outed.

But I can write this, I tell myself, because straight or gay, humans generally don't care for hypocrisy and that is what this story is really about: hypocrisy, which probably began when humans first preached moral laws. There's no need, however, to go back that far. Our story can start with ... Please continue reading at at


Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Interesting post. I'm all for the outing of a closeted gay person in a position of authority who uses it to hurt other gays. I like it when this happens, b/c it reveals they're just like everyone else - a normal human being who happens to be gay - but pushing their self-hatred on others as a way to deal with their internal conflicts.

I'm not, however, for outing private citizens or public officials who are not into gay bashing. I find that despicable.

I'm also trying to remember the name of a famous racist politician who had a little black ancestry but passed for white. I think he died in the '90s, from old age.

Vérité Parlant said...

You tickle me when you say, "I like it when that happens." LOL.

I'm not for outing gay people who are minding their own business either, meaning they are not condemning other gay people for doing the same things they themselves do, no matter what their profession. I think outing people is wrong, but in the case of hypocrites making policy or influencing the masses to hate or harm specific groups, I think they should face the music of their hypocritical actions. Brock in particular should have known better since he's so big on following the Bible literally. He knows you can't have it both ways.

Is it possible you're thinking of Strom Thurmond? If so, the case I recall was that he'd fathered a black child in his youth but made his name as one of the most racist politicians in South Carolina. Thurmond died in 2003 at age 100. If that's not who you're thinking of and the name comes to you, please pass it along.