Saturday, June 5, 2010

Obama Visits Louisiana, Revs Up Oil Spill Theater

President Barack Obama was in Louisiana yesterday, perhaps realizing he must put on a bigger show because Americans love theatrics and symbolism. In addition, he said on his radio address Saturday that "he will stand with Gulf Coast residents "until they are made whole" from the oil spill catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico."

The AP report here says the Obama administration is facing the public's growing criticism of its handling of the oil spill crisis. Well, Fox News is the ratings winner. A lot of Americans don't know the difference between opinion reporting and fact reporting, I guess. But even some progressives are angry at Obama.

All the president can do is put on a show to make people feel that something's being done because no matter what he does, he can't make the oil go away, not unless he has a magic wand stashed somewhere in the Oval Office.

I watched the Disaster in the Gulf special on Dateline NBC last night. Overall, it was good, but I noticed it spent a lot of time questioning Obama's response while not saying a peep about Bobby Jindal's long history of loving oil, wanting offshore drilling, but now that there's a disaster, he wants to blame a president that is not an ally of big oil.

Jindal says Obama's response has been slow, hoping we'll forget that Jindal himself has been quick to say drill. Two years before the MMS (in 2007) under the Bush administration was busy painting a picture that an oil leak posed no real threat to beaches, Jindal was at an MMS event saying Louisiana could balance both drilling offshore and protecting its wetlands.


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msladyDeborah said...

I watched Dateline and found myself questioning why none of the Drill Baby Drill! folks were not interviewed?

People seem to forget that the POTUS is the head but there are agencies who have the mandate to deal with this type of issue. I've been keeping tabs on the EPA and what they are doing to help with this ecological life mare. Someone on FB pointed out that FEMA should be stepping up its game in response. But I honestly question what role this particular agency can play at this point in time?

BP and all of its corprate connections needs to be held to task. There isn't going to be a quick fix to this problem. I think that women should be in the lead of stopping the leak. Has anyone considered using the same material that our sanitary protection is made of? I thought that should of been used instead of shredded rubber and other junk. One of my sista/friends suggested the material that is used in disposable diapers as a possible absorbant with the cement. I know that this probably sounds crazy to those with major scientific minds. However, I also think that a woman should be in charge of responding to disaster relief efforts because of how we network and recognize human needs.