Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mia Michaels, Frustrated and Passionate, Apologizes to AdeChike on SYTYCD (Spoiler)

On tonight's So You Think You Can Dance results show, judge Mia Michaels, who was recently nominated for an Emmy again for choreography, apologized to contestant AdéChiké Tolbert. While the 23-year-old, Brooklyn dancer escaped being in the bottom three, he looked a little fragile with host Cat Deeley's arm around him as Michaels tried to make amends and explain herself. She said:
I feel looking back last night, I came across a little harsh and insensitive, and I'm very sorry if I hurt you in anyway. As a teacher I get very passionate and frustrated when I saw such a breakthrough last week, and then this week I feel like, I don't know if it was the stress of the show, but your light dimmed and I got very passionate and frustrated about it, you know. There's such a greatness in you and I want to see that soar. You have gift and I want to see it soar. And you have to know that I believe in you and that I love you, and I will always be tough love Mama Mia.
If you want to read about last last night's "controversial" critique of AdéChiké, in particular Mia Michaels's remarks, I cover it here.

The vote could have gone either way for the contemporary dancer. AdéChiké could have been safe due to not only votes from people who like him but also additional sympathy votes from the at-home audience, or he could have been voted off because folks agreed with the judges, who were unenthusiastic about both his performances last night.

Following the Top 8 show, I saw far more people outraged at Michaels who felt sorry for th dancer than I saw people saying he should go home. One woman on Twitter last night said she voted for him repeatedly for 10 minutes straight in light of Mia's comments, which some people felt were "racist."

What's bad for AdéChiké is that some people will now assume he shouldn't have been safe and that if Mia Michaels had not chewed his bones, he would not have had so many votes. I hope he can overcome that perception and become an undeniable contender for the win.

Billy Bell and Ashley Galvan joined Alex Wong in the bottom three tonight. Wong was automatically placed in the bottom three due to injury. He could not perform a solo tonight, and with the doctors deciding he would be out for the rest of the season, elimination became moot for the other two contestants. Consequently, only Wong went home.

Wong suffered a lacerated Achilles tendon, which Nigel Lythgoe said means he will require surgery and can't dance for three months. His surgery has been scheduled for Tuesday. Understandably, Wong cried. He took a leave from the Miami City Ballet company as a principal soloist. Most of the dancers were in tears with him. I cried as well. I was rooting for him. Lythgoe said Wong will automatically return next season.

Lythgoe also announced that D.C. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton is introducing a bill to make the SYTYCD idea for National Dance Day on July 31st official. There may be a flash mob dance in D.C. that day at Malcolm X/Meridian Hill Park. I've already posted video of the dance routine and more about National Dance Day at this link. The show is also seeking videos, photos, and comments from viewers about their plans for the day.


Anonymous said...

So You Think You Can Dance

While I thought that the Judges critique of Adechicke was harsh, and deserved Cat's comments, what I don't understand is their excusing Jose's poor performance. Yes he is charming, but he just isn't as good as the other dancers.

Perhaps it was suggested to them that they go easy on him because of his popularity and audience draw? Whatever, I don't feel they are being true to their role as objective judges when they go so easy on one contestant to the detriment of better dancers.


Anonymous said...

Is it only me or did anyone else note that Mia's apology amounted to "I am sorry you made me say that"?.

Anonymous said...

It is not only you! i did not feel at all content with Mia's apology and frankly i'm dissapointed in her and her crazyness and biasness!!

Anonymous said...

I'm seriously missing Mary Murphy right now. Where is Mary!? Oh, pardon me Mia. Just a bit of tough love. I want you to soar as a judge because I love you as a choreographer. But as a fan of SYTYCD I'm just really passionate and frustrated because your light dimmed when you made that really lousy remark to AdeCheke, and then just got worse when you pretended to apologise. But really, it's just a bit of touch love because as a fan and a teacher I know best.

Anonymous said...

Love Anonymous #4's comment.