Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bristol vs. Brandy: Man Goes Against SWAT He's So Mad. Zombie Apocalypse Next?

I am surprised that Bristol Palin's beaten Brandy, who I thought was quite good even on the first show of this season's Dancing With the Stars. However, I've only seen DWTS that one time this year. (I prefer So You Think You Can Dance) Nevertheless, I can't escape DWTS news. Everywhere I turn, it seems, I'm hearing about possible Tea Party influence on Bristol Palin getting this far.

Really, who cares? If Bristol Palin winning a reality TV dance show is proof that America loves her mama, Sarah Palin, enough to vote the former governor into the White House, then we've have bigger problems. The zombie apocalypse is near.

And if it's near, then it's starting in Wisconsin. ABC reports that a man there was so enraged after Monday night's show that he shot his TV and had an "all-night stand-off" with SWAT? Steve Cowan's wife told police that he was drinking Monday night and that "he has bipolar disorder," reports a Chicago TV station, but he also has strong opinions about dance, apparently:
Cowan's wife says her husband felt that Palin was on the show because of her mother's political pull - and had no talent as a dancer.
What the hell is going on out there, America?

And do read Emily Zanotti (not a progressive) aka American Princess's funny commentary on Bristol's reign, "A Dancing With the Stars Pulbic Service Political Announcement." I had to add it.

Photo Credit: The NY Daily News, which reports that Brandy calls Bristol's advancing to the finals, "an outrage."

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