Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Upcoming Royal Wedding: Will Americans Go Crazy Again? Are We in Love with Royalty?

Somewhat related, did you see how Oprah hugged real-life African Princess Akosua Busia recently? Do you even know who that is?

Let the pomp and circumstance begin. As CBS and many other news outlets, such as CNN, have reported, Prince William and Kate Middleton are engaged:
It's official. Perhaps the most widely rumored wedding in recent times, and certainly one of the longest rumored, is going to happen. Prince William finally became engaged to longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton, giving her his late mother's engagement ring and Britain the prospect of its biggest royal wedding since Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer almost 30 years ago.
I remember his parents' royal wedding in 1981. America went insane, causing observers to wonder whether Americans secretly long for a monarchy. I was a little baffled even then at all the attention, not to mention how the public obsessed over Diana. And yet, when she was killed in 1997, I remember having a sense of great loss.

The media mill is cranking out the stories already. People Magazine has a big spread, and the Globe and Mail's wasted no time in telling us what's really important, that this royal wedding " is anticipated to give a 620-million pound ($985-million US) boost to the British economy." And listen to the clatter of hundreds of cameras snapping pictures of the new royal couple in this CNN video. A little alarming in the context of the role paparazzi played in Lady Diana's death.

This first video below shows an interview with the engaged pair. It's sweet. They seem like nice kids, but my opinion falls in with some of the Australian blokes in the second video of this post: I'm just not that into the news.

The last man in the following video from Australia says, "I love a wedding, but yeah, I couldn't give a toss." The giddiness and apathy about the wedding breaks along gender lines, which is natural, I suppose. Women are all smiles; men kind of shrug.

I wonder will we learn again that American women and little girls are still fascinated by princesses and how many experts will trot out to tell us why this is so. I can relate a little to princessophilia. While I don't get all that excited about the British royals, I did find myself watching closely the real-life African princess, Akosua Busia of Ghana recently. I saw her on Oprah's big reunion for the movie The Color Purple, a beautiful woman, who used to be married to movie director John Singleton. Her clothes fascinated me, but I also wondered how being an African princess differs from being a European princess. In the movie, Princess Akosua played Celie's sister Nettie.

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Janet Caldwell said...

I love a wedding too and have to admit that I was obsessed with Diana, the others were a bore to me. I loved her fashion sense and finally her rebellion. I think that we should know more about other Princesses and cultures. Good article on showing more than one opinion. x