Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Photos of Osama bin Laden's Body: So, You Really Want to See those? Why? When Do We Get Enough?

Updated Wednesday: President Obama says White House will not release Osama bin Laden death photos: "We don't trot out this stuff as trophies"

The White House should not make the photos of bin Laden's body available for broadcast. For Americans who want to see the body photos, the government should put the pics in a case at the Pentagon. The morbidly curious can contact the military if they want to see the photos and then drive/fly/walk to D.C. for a peek. For the rest of the world, send hard copies of the photos to their leaders who request them and anyone in those countries who wants to see the pictures should contact them.

That's my opinion as posted to my Facebook page. The U.S.A. finally killed Osama bin Laden and the only people who don't believe it are conspiracy theorists, President Obama haters, and bin Laden followers. Why rush to accommodate any of these groups?


Anonymous said...

People want to see the photos because historically speaking governments world wide have repeatedly lied it's people about things of this nature.
For example, at the end of WW2 Russia said they had Hitlers body but showed no photographic evidence. Now in 2011 we know that was a lie.

Every president I have ever had has been a liar. I am not a conspiracy theorist, I am a Political Science major, I voted for Obama and celebrated his win as a proud young Black woman, and as a New Yorker I am no Osama follower.

I believe American citizens have the right to see these photos. The Government is meant to serve us. This is why America is a republic. We need proof, hard core evidence! Quite frankly, if we are going to give up more of our personal freedoms it needs to be for a good reason.

Ask yourself this, If George W Bush said this, with no proof ... would you believe him?

Vérité Parlant said...

I didn't say you don't have the right to see them. I said the government should make them available at a specific location. If it's that important to you, you'll go see them. I said the government should not make the photos available for broadcast, which has to do with distribution by television and Internet.


Anonymous said...

Well the Government has allowed many gruesome images to be released. Quite frankly, the way our media is, whether they make them available at a specific location or not, they will be broadcast.

Vérité Parlant said...

In matters of moral conscience and ethical actions, the "it will get done anyway" or "it's been done before" arguments are rarely good ones. If some unscrupulous person decides to snap a picture of the photos wherever they are kept then that is an unofficial release not a release by the U.S. Government. (Someone would have to be hellbent on doing that to figure out how to get a camera into the Pentagon and snap a picture.) The photo they take is also several points removed from the original, just one more simulacra that loses power via multiple reproductions. However, simulacra or not, that all they have is a bootleg probably won't matter to people looking for an excuse to complain about the U.S. government or who seek an excuse to bomb something and terrorize nations. (Didn't we just go through this with the longform birth certificate?) Such people will always find something to either complain about or something to bomb either way because they demand to have everything done their way. It's better to err on the the side of good conscience than on the side of accommodating the morbidly curious, innately distrustful or misguided fearmongerer.

Gloria said...

I agree that the photo should not be shown... AND I just got a CNN alert a little while ago, stating that President Obama will NOT be releasing the photo. I was happy to hear it. Although 911 devastated me, I am a born and bred Brooklyn, New Yorker, I also think it was a little scary seeing all of my fellow Americans jumping for joy and screaming and celebrating in the streets that the U.S. KILLED Osama Bin Laden. I think we could have celebrated his 'take-down' with a little more dignity. I don't like to see this behavior because our children see this and I do NOT think it's appropriate. BUT, that's just my opinion, and I thank you for letting me state it here!

Unknown said...

I agree. I see no use to making the pictures publicly available. All that will do is give the millions of people with photoshop something to do for a while. If Obama said Osama is dead I believe him because what would he gain by lying? No one knew about the operation to go in there in the first place so if Osama was not there the world would still think he was hiding in a cave someplace. whether we got him or not America is ALWAYS a target for some other country so this is just another day of Obama trying to clean up bush administration mess.

And for the record, I don't think he should have shown the long form birth certificate. Some folks still don't believe so what was the point. Obama was FULLY VETTED before becoming President so he should have nothing to prove to Trump and his minions!

Unknown said...

I too am a Brooklyn born New Yorker (now living in Texas) but I TOTALLY AGREE with you. We are setting a bad example and are not acting as a country with dignity but as a third world country who just took out a rival rebel leader.
Justice & Vengeance are not the same. Vengeance is mine sayeth the LORD! We need to be very careful about how we proceed...

Gloria said...

To Regina: Thanks for agreeing! I think the WSATA blog/this post is great and -- I came back to see if anyone else gave comments.
And Regina, if you come back again too: I agree with you about President Obama's birth certificate. I want to take Donald Trump and throw him somewhere. You know why? First of all, he got the birth certificate to come out, and now he is questioning how Obama got into such a good school, his grades were bad, etc. Holy God, this is a case of GROWN-UP BULLYING, for pete's sake! Doesn't anyone else see this? Trump is a bully! I would NOT vote for Trump if he ever ran for ANYTHING for this reason: He claimed bankruptcy a few years ago, on one of his companies. It was really kept kind of quiet in the news. I just don't get how someone can do that and STILL have millions of dollars and all of his properties, etc. If he had to claim bankruptcy, then ALL of his assets should be liquidated before bankruptcy should be allowed. I don't know why HE could get away with it. THAT'S why I would never want someone like THAT to be running our country. Many might think that a pretty 'wise' busines move, but I think it is cheating and lying. Well, thank you all (especially our dear WSATA blog owner!) for listening and letting me speak my peace!

Gloria said...

P.S. Misspelling above..."business"

Anonymous said...

Are you all mad? I am disgraced with stupidity
And obesety of this nation thank god Obama has a brain... All America has is money , no intelligence what so ever. It hurts me to say this agaisnt my own nation but I am disgraced with it and quite frankly bush was the biggest disaster ever. He should never have been in power. Before you rage at me , think ... Am I stupid? Why am I being ignorant to the facts? Look be honest with yourselves, would seriously stop yourself from broadcasting these pictures if
You were offered a healthy sum of money? Seriously? Don't be stupid, what the new government does is for the best, so do you really want another 911? Think it through before u rage please.

Logo said...

The whole 'history vs his story' argument is not that strong since we do have 'history' on video, so it's not like Obama can reenact something different for the stills.

Carolyn Moon said...

The comments clearly show that there are different ways to view this issue and I for one don't need graphic photos to convince me that Osama Bin Laden is dead.

I applauded the President for his decision not to release them and that there was no "need to spike the ball". We were at war with this terrorist who used Allah/God as many have in the past of all major religions to engage in dastardly acts. The Old Testament and secular history will attest to this odd phenomenon of browbeating/killing people to conform to whatever ideology the aggressors are espousing.

The President sent troops in and took care of him with minimal collateral loss of life. He certainly dispensed of Bin Laden's remains with more respect than the latter had shown the people in NYC, Kenya and other parts of the world.

He said that Americans "were better than that", obviously not all of us.

BTW, It was reported this evening that the pictures are now going to be shown to select members of Congress...hmmm..,unfortunately, VPNA, against all that is decent and proper; they "will be up and all through" cyberspace by this summer!!!!

CarmenIvy4 said...

Wow, animosity about photos. People don't get this upset when they hear he say/ she say. Get a grip. Obama say he dead..I believe. Your friend ''BFF'' tell you gossip and you believe her. You actually take it and run with it. Oh but since other presidents has lied..you going to sterotype Obama?? Not on my watch! Pretty sure you have had men that lie and tell you anything..and of course you believed them and stuck by them until a certain length. Give Obama a try. Don't correct him before he mess up.What people are really upset about is not that they think he lying, but that Obama shot down that agree with whomever USA a had connections within the U.S.
#Just Carmens' opinion, don't we all have one. :-)