Friday, September 6, 2013

SYTYCD: Twitch and Fik-Shun Dance to "Hello, Good Morning" While I Covet Jasmine Harper's Legs

I haven't posted anything about So You Think You Can Dance this season, which is unusual for me. I've enjoyed all the episodes, spending too much time wishing I had been born with Jasmine Harper's legs, looks, and gracefulness.

The first video, above, shows Fik-Shun with all-star Twitch dancing to "Hello, Good Morning." I chose this routine not because it was the best routine; it wasn't. I chose it because it made me smile. I'm all about smiling more these days.

And I'm posting the next one, Jasmine and Aaron's quickstep from earlier in the season because of the flair.

I like the final four. As for who may win, Amy, Fik-Shun, Jasmine, or Aaron, who knows? If it's based on general cuteness, then it's Fik-Shun for the win. Amy is talented, and she may win because of the voting pool. Jasmine and Aaron have been favorites all season, but you never know what the voters will do. It's really about who people like the most more than who's the best.

During Tuesday's finale, I was surprised to learn that the judges didn't want Jasmine in the competition. She only made the top 20 because Cat Deeley, the host, fought for her. It's true the girl has something special about her. To me she has a classic, silver screen or 50s and 60s recording star look, glamorous. She and Aaron Turner need to go off somewhere and make babies to pretty up the world.

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