Thursday, March 6, 2014

Another young woman perishes in bayou in New Orleans area, Haley Howard (Video)

Last year, we mourned Terrilynn Monette in New Orleans, and this year it's Haley Howard. Both young women suffered similar deaths eight months apart, and both were on their way home after being out with friends in in New Orleans. Police pulled Monette's car from Bayou St. John near City Park last summer and this winter, they pulled Howard's car from Irish Bayou along I-10 East. [During the hunt for Monette, a search company pulled eight cars for Bayou St. John.]

Monette was a school teacher driving back to her apartment building at the intersection of Parish Avenue and Robert E. Lee Blvd, not too far from Lake Pontchartrain. Howard, a student at the University of New Orleans, was on her way home to Slidell across the lake from New Orleans.

Bayou St. John in which Monette's car was found is closer to the middle of Lake Pontchartain on its south shore, and Irish Bayou in which Howard's car was found runs along side the Lake Pontchartrain near its eastern border on the south shore. The two bayous are about 20 miles apart.

The local media reports that Howard had just dropped a friend off at UNO before she headed toward Slidell. Monette's car veered off the road minutes from the university. Apparently the only connection between the two cases is the young women's cars were found in bayous connected to New Orleans. Both deaths have been ruled accidental.

As I've said before, these kinds of stories always disturb me because I have a daughter who often goes out with friends and drives home by herself. The Howard family is in my prayers now as was the Monette family last year.

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